Social Media Marketing Chennai

Social Media Marketing Chennai

Are you an entrepreneur looking to maximize profit across multiple digital channels? Did you know that social media marketing connects with the business world to strengthen customer relationships and gain global exposure? At Ellowkart, as the premier digital marketing and web Development Company, we can immerse you in digital marketing.

Social media networks are integrated into everything we do. If you want to reach your audience where they spend most of their time, digital marketing is undoubtedly the best platform for growth and prosperity. Accelerate business growth through social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Why you need Social Media Marketing?

Without a doubt, modern companies are using digital marketing to compete in the global business world. Social media advertising allows you to create highly targeted ads and turn user searches into traffic. Data collected from searches can be used to target advertising to the people most relevant to your business. You can interact with your target users and know exactly what they want.

Save money, attract more customers and increase brand loyalty compared to traditional marketing methods. Social media marketing allows you to track the immediate reaction to your marketing campaigns. Unless you're promoting your business online, potential customers may choose someone else. If a prospect is looking for a company similar to yours and turns away from you, your competitors may have an edge.

How we would help you Turn your Business into a Brand?

  • Perfectly paced social media platforms on the rise
  • In-depth competitive analysis and regular online marketing results and reports
  • Incrementally improve the quality of traffic to your business
  • Clear real-time Social Media Analytics
  • Unprecedented Brand Awareness
  • Dedicated Digital Marketing Team for Brand Exposure and Repeat Traffic
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns to Targeted Customers
  • Digital World Using Latest Technologies Gain a stronger foothold


Paid promotion is one of the most powerful tools in the digital world.

Paid Social Media Marketing Chennai
Facebook Ads

There is one network with a larger user base that modern marketers cannot ignore. That's Facebook. With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the top online advertising channels. The reach you can achieve with Facebook ads exceeds your expectations. An advertising campaign on your Facebook page will increase your company's reach. The experts at Chennai social media agency Ellowkart are well versed in the latest trends and practices of social networks. With our insightful experience, we provide the most effective Facebook advertising services. Make your Facebook ads easy and interesting to drive more traffic and improve your ROI. We conduct extensive demographic surveys and plan our advertising campaigns accordingly. Our dedicated team creates engaging Facebook ads with attractive and relevant images to present interesting ads to your target audience.

Google AdWords

If you want to quickly grab the attention of your web visitors, there's no better way than Google AdWords. AdWords – PPC (Pay Per Click) is on the rise mainly because of its high measurability. Google Ads campaigns are more transparent and provide clear reporting on what works and what doesn't. At Ellowkart, we develop a Google AdWords strategy based on your business needs to ensure the success of your campaigns in line with your specific marketing goals.

Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing

Promoted Tweets work just like regular Tweets and can be used to increase brand awareness of your business and can be sent to people who care about your business. These tweets will appear above the user's related searches and appear in the timeline. We create bespoke campaigns tailored to your message and help you reach the right audience.

LinkedIn is a great channel for building a professional image with people in your industry. Make sure your business message reaches the right people with videos, infographics, and text ads.

Non-paid social media marketing or SMO

Free social media marketing or social media optimization is the perfect blend of social media and search engine optimization. Posting relevant content on popular social networks designed in this way will facilitate the delivery of your business her message to your target audience. We help your business gain organic visibility with continuously updated white hat SEO practices that drive quality traffic. As a leading social media marketing company, we help your business get the most out of their social networking sites with world-class solutions.

Reach a wider market with the skilled hands of an expert on your desired social platform with the best social media marketing company in Chennai. Get stunning, bespoke graphics and attention-grabbing images from an affordable social marketing agency with guaranteed satisfaction.