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Microfinance institutions have emerged as a bankable source of credit for the underserved and underserved population. Microfinance software is a great solution to help automate and speed up your microcredit business. Developed by top industry experts incorporating the latest technology platform.

Ellowkart serves as a comprehensive software suite for microfinance companies.

This software is highly flexible and customizable, helping microfinance institutions operate at scale.

Microfinance Management Software

Ellowkart always delivers top performance as microfinance management software. This will enable microfinance institutions to compete with incumbent commercial banks and financial institutions by serving the microfinance needs of groups and individuals.

Ellowkart is the premier microfinance software solution, carefully designed to meet the business interests of microfinance institutions of all sizes. Thanks to its advanced lending system, Ellowkart accurately captures all customer data (including credit history) and streamlines the lending process.

Microfinance System Software that Ensures Value for Money

As dynamic microfinance system software, Ellowkart ensures maximum cost performance for microfinance institutions through the following services:

  • Enabling fast and smooth customer on boarding
  • Digitized loan applications
  • Fast and robust risk assessment of borrower profiles
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Software flexible lending system allows loans across multiple tier levels Seamless approval of

Transparent Loan Management System:

  • All retail loans can be customized.
  • Maintain loan repayment schedules for your customers.
  • Ellowkart also allows payment of credits in single or multiple phases

Robust Collection Management:

  • Equip field workers with intelligent web- and mobile-based apps to simplify collection management.
  • Enables a fair assessment of field worker performance in relation to the collection.
  • Facilitates automated communication of timely notification of chargeback charges to customers.
  • Allows you to work with various custom debt collection action plans.
  • Generate accurate EMI charts and billing reports.

Brilliant Accounting Management:

  • Built-in financial accounting functionality
  • Both automatic and manual accounting is possible
  • Create Accurate Accounting Reports

In addition, this microfinance loan management software has powerful analytics, enables the creation of insightful MIS reports, and has an easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, you can use built-in chatbots for a great customer service experience.

Benefits of Deploying Ellowkart

With Ellowkart, the leading microfinance application software, you get the following benefits:

  • Application is very cost effective and helps to minimize operating costs.
  • Has a highly interactive user interface, improving usability.
  • Have robust reporting capabilities. Mechanisms for Greater Report Accuracy
  • Designed for Perfect Data Security
  • Extremely Fast Turnaround Time
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